Introduce Me (Bio) - Tone Da Boss

Here is a bio of Tone Da Boss

Tone Da Boss, hip hop artist, web & graphic designer, software engineer, architect, pioneer, renaissance man. Just a few words to describe the hard working fully dedicated and humble rapper. Tone recently released his first official album since branching out from group Big Bang DBT. The album is called Boss Life. The album release party reached max capacity with no conflicts as the positive yet catchy rapper was more than album to keep a large crowd entertained. Recently opening up for Shady Records artist Yelawolf, releasing his Freedom Music video on, and doing radio interviews internationally. Tone Da Boss is on the right path to succeed, concur, and make an impact in the music industry.

Even as a solo artist Tone Da Boss is still and always will be a member of Big Bang DBT. Representing the Midwest born in Chicago yet raised in Iowa. As part of Big Bang he’s recorded songs with Wiz Khalifa, Nate Dogg before his passing, Cyhi The Prince, Young Buck, and many more. His musics been featured on such major hip hop sites as,, and plenty more. Hes opened up for major artist such as Wiz Khalifa, Twista, Young Buck, Shawnna and so on. His local concerts sell out or reach max capacity and he has a crazy support team from the group members as well as the supporters that have followed the groups journey for the last 5 years.

Tones talents stand out with his versatility, wordplay, and creativity. He doesn’t shy away from any topic and always looking for a challenge. Recently Tone has worked with Platinum artist Juicy J, Slaughterhouse, Cassidy and more. His first single Introduce Me has a video that was shot in Arizona that reintroduces him as a solo artist but reals people in as a catchy club tune with a west coast style. His follow up to that is a song called Freedom which video was released on it preaches to a young African American audience to do better and take advantages of the opportunities we’ve been granted. His new album Boss Life, describes a mindstate of Succeeding, having a support system and hard work paying off.




Personal Bio

Growing up in a single parent household with younger siblings for most people can be difficult because you only have that one parent to run to with all of your problems. This is one of many obstacles that Antonio “Tone Da Boss” Chalmers had overcome in order for Da Boss to be born.  Antonio was born in the windy city of Chicago on July 26, 1988. His mother LaTonya made a conscious decision and possibly the best decision she could have made for her families sake, by moving them to Iowa where Da Boss would soon be born.

Growing up wasn’t easy for Antonio. Living in a single parent household made it difficult for him to look to someone as a positive influence; so at times he had no one to talk to. For some time, Antonio would always get into huge arguments and really didn’t see eye to eye with his mother because of all the unanswered questions that he had. Over time he would learn to utilize his free time as a coping mechanism by playing video games, drawing, writing songs and just staying to himself. Da Boss was very shy growing up and it wasn’t until the age of 12, when he made a lifetime connection and partnership with group member Isaiah “Zaya Daens” Snead in an art class at their middle school.

Being they both were interested in the same type of artwork they would eventually learn more about one another and soon Antonio would be apart of the crew. Along side Zaya there was Charles “DaChaMan” Crawley,  Jorel “Jory James” Robinson and last but not least Anthony “Tony T” Teague. This was the beginning of not only a group of friends, but a group of brothers who supported and believed in one another. The final transformation would take place when Jory would give Antonio his name and that was when Da Boss was born.

Even though Da Boss had friends to look up to whom he considered family he still managed to have trouble in his home and would eventually go on to live and fend for himself alone at the age of 16. After his mother’s departure from Iowa, Da Boss was forced to live with friends due to all of his family being back in Chicago. He managed to get by rather well and would go on to graduate and attend college where he would soon receive his degree in Computer Science.  Looking back at how things played out, Da Boss says he wouldn’t change any of it one bit. He went on to drop a self titled solo album “Its Tone” in the year of 2006 along with many group albums thereafter, which leads up to his second release titled “Boss Life”.  This is the album that will set him apart from many other artists, showing who he really is and all that he has become…………….this is the Boss Life!!!!