Boss Life contest

As mentioned before after winning the contest for Coast 2 Coast and a slot on in the Super Fresh Culture Fest in Iowa. I feel like its time to give you all a contest. So 4 winners will be randomly selected for 1 of the 3 prizes below. Winners will be announced on this site randomly every Tuesday and Thursday  when I stream live.

Win either a Boss Life Shirt

Boss Life Shirt

$50 iTunes Card


or a free ticket to the Yelawolf concert April Friday 11th in Iowa City



Heres 5 simple ways to  enter and you can enter 5 TIMES.

Option 1.) Leave a comment on the Introduce Me Youtube video -

(Just saying what you liked about it)

Introduce Me –

Option 2.) Send a screenshot saying you downloaded the Freedom or Introduce Me song on iTunes

(Such as this below)

licia freedom


Option 3.) Create a Tone Da Boss Fan sign

Kora Lyn Tone Da Boss


Option 4.) Subscribe to to the right under the ad. I’ll see your email address and it will be updated on the site.


By appearing at the Speech at the African American Museum this Sunday or voting for me in the Super Culture Fresh contest you will automatically be entered.

Heres the list of voters for the Super Fresh Culture Fest

1. Corey Forbes

2. Pierre Newton

3. Jimaine Cooper

4. Domonique Walton

5. Chuck Crawley

6. Lindsay Hess

7. Kati Calkins

8. Kasaan Robinson

9. Virgil Patrick

10. Jovan Walton

11. Breana Guidry

12. Whitney Connor

13. Jordan Powers

14. Jason Pierce

15. Tina Hendrickson

16. Shorty Yaz

17. T-y Cowabunga

18. Cody Blaze Jackson

19. Lindsay Paulsen

20. Sarah Williams

21. Mi WrightPro

22. Allison Bruno

23. Zaya Daens

24. Melissa Perkins

25. Matt Da Tatt Mohr

26. Jonathan Johnson

27. Christine Schwab

28. Heath Thompsom

29. Stephanie Ann Bowling

30. Nicole Lawrence



First winner is Shalyse Gucci Johnson for showing up to the Freedom Speech and March event. Pic below