My Krazy Boss Weekend 4 – Kansas City NASCAR

Annnnd we have it yet another Krazy Boss Weekend

I swear being a poor black kid from south side Chicago I wasn’t supposed to even dream these things let alone experience them. This past weekend I went to the Sprint Cup in Kansas City, Kansas. Got to meet Nascar driver and face of Go Daddy Danica Patrick.


Friday Kansas and Casinos phone broke went to Lakeside Casino on the way to Kansas City – it sucked, very limited choices and was small. Then ate at Hooters in Kansas – best looking..”hooters” I’ve seen. Went to Hollywood Casino where we play our wheel of fortune game and usually quit after getting one spin, spent $400 to get 1 spin (never had to spin that much) only to win $360 back, usually we spend about $40 and get one spin but we were on the high limits where it was $25 a game, where the lowest number was like $360 and the rest starting at $2000 going up to $10000 (of course we hit the lowest number).


Saturday The Races woke up, went to the races and man it was alot of walking, we even stopped an ate at a place called Cheeseburger Paradise and it was the bomb! We met Danica, saw Jeff Gordon giving an interview, thats when my girl told me she hates Jeff Gordon and her favorite racer was Dale Earnheardt Jr. Danica was sweet at first but then when we met her again at the racest she was serious and focused like a fighter. My girl got shoulder bumped, and before I can say something to the dude ppl started asking him for autographs… it was Jeff Gordon again lol (I fell back). We sat in the pit area where they do the unhumanly fast tire changes, add fuels, and make quick repairs. Those guys work HARD but we’re hella cool. We got these headsets so we can hear the announcers and also whatever drivers we select. And got to hear Danica and her pit crew communicate and her even call a few things bullshit here and there, I loved it. Later that night we ate at Dave And Busters (another one of our favorite places) and Lindsay wanted to goto the casino again since we didnt really win, she missed her turn I told her that was a sign, we went anyway. And lost the money we won thensome…. ALOTsome.


Sunday Mommas Day, I bought my Mom a tablet for Mothers day, took her to eat at her favorite place (Chillis) and went seen the movie Neighbors starring Seth Rogen (one of my favorites).


It truly was a great trip, non music related but hey atleast Danica knows who I am now. But to be brutally honest, I used to HATE racing. Its just turn left for 300 laps, I thought it was nothing more to it, only cool thing was the wrecks, and not about the driver its about having a good car. Man was I wrong. Its not only about the driver but also the crew, in fact the crew that work in the pits are the most valuable assets. They sit there ready to go, practicing, doing pull ups, focused, I almost think they dont care about the race they just care about doing the best job at the fastest speed they possibly can. They definitely have my upmost respect. Also wrecks were NOT COOL to watch in person, one guy rolled into the pits with his car in flames and hopped out on FIRE. WTF! I didnt know Danica was the only woman in Nascar and she competed against all the greats. As it turned it she finished in her career high 7th place, 2nd place was Lindsays favorite Dale Earnheardt Jr. and first place…. JEFF GORDON… I knew I shoulda dropped him when I had the chance. All in all it was great time, paid and sent there by my job Go Daddy. I am now a true Nascar fan! Also I know never to return to the Hollywood Casino aka the Rape Bank!