My Krazy Boss Weekend 4/10-4/12

Another awesome Boss 3 day weekend for me that I just have to blog about. This weekend includes the Thursday show at , The Party Bus Friday, Yelawolf show that Saturday, and then the 16 Bar Contest that Sunday. Definitely a weekend to remember. Lets get to it


Friday Party Bus

My boy, brother, hype man and one of my best friends Isaac aka Skinny had his off papers party bus this night. We got it in. Although the outcome is me never doing a party bus again, it was defintiely a great time and an enjoyable celebration. Plus Isaac was actually awake this time on the bus unlike when I had my party bus.


Saturday Yelawolf Concert

Tickets sold out, the album release party was a success, the flyers are out and now the Yelawolf concert is here. This was a huge night for me. My first big show as a solo act and Im not just an opener. As promoted on the First Fleet Promotions website I am co-headling with Yelawolf. This means 30 minute set, come in through the back,  only person on 10 minutes before the headliner…. And they loved it. Crowds caught on and vibed with Introduce Me right away. Of  course to pay homage to my crew who got me there I had them do a couple of there own verses and then we went back and forwarth. Even let Chuck bring back Ricky Stanzy and Spongebob (which he did solo). Crowd was hype for UKDW but absolutely loved and participated in Vodka Sam, Iowa City and right before we left hit them with a bonus never performed track me and Tuff Launs “Dont You Worry Child” remix. It was definitely a night to remember. We sold a crazy ton of merch and made alot of new fans. Expecially Chuck who threw out the Boss Life hoodies and shirts into the crowd. It was one of my greatest show experiences yet.




Sunday 16 Bar Contest Judged By Mush Millions

Now prior to this I didn’t know who Mush Millions was after this I know he’s one of the coolest up and coming rappers from Chicago whos has videos with Twista, respect from legends, and working with other big names. Getting the opportunity to rap in front of him was pretty dope. Theres was 12 contenders. All were amazing 2 of them were female singers. 1 was randomly entered from the crowd. Everybody that rapped honestly surprised me, I didnt know we had that much undiscovered talent in our area. So the first round goes through everyone gets 16 bars. They keep getting better, one guy stands out so much I tell him straight up, ur on my radar, the next guy pulled from the crowd was Imperfekt. And the name is false advertising because this man has truly perfected his flow down to a tee. Fast bars, punchlines, metaphors and it was like they were non stop. I rap last this round and get the crowd going with a verse I wrote back in 2006, they were hype and excited and I was the first one they announce qualified to the next round. 2nd round comes in about 6 ppl go. Imperfekt does a rap that they just had to cut him off and tell him hes over qualified it was so good. The guy from the first round I had my eye on came with an even better verse, and then I spit one of my newer verses, crowd loves it. They bring it down to 3 rappers, me, the guy I noticed and another. The guy I noticed spits his verse, just as good as the last one. This time I wanted to go last, not to leave an impression but because I was so indecisive on what verse to do I came to the conclusion I was gonna freestyle, but the other contender wasnt having it and said I shoulda been ready as his boys tell him he should go last. So I went, and I think I killed it, problem is I’m coming up with topics and for some reason I was rapping faster then normal (maybe I was nervous Idk) but in the freestyle I broke down the acronyms for I.O.W.A. I named the contest, and I ended the last bar saying “Freestyle all day Im just killin it, Fuck a couple dollars cuz I need MUCH MILLIONS” (a play on the contest host name). I felt like that should have solidified the victory for sure, freestyle, used the promoters name, but with it being freestyle there was a couple words fumbled here and there. And after the crowd goes nuts the last guy says “F it, Imma just spit something for the ladies”… -_- alot of ppl started to talk amongst each other and the hype died down. After his verse they said u know what we came to the conclusion it was a tie we want to see another round. Dude spit his round, I spit my verse to Boss Bars 1, and they let someone from the crowd give the final judgement and gave it to him.


All in all it was a great battle, dude was great, and it truly humbled me. I still got alot of work to do and not winning is gonna motivate me to work harder then winning would have. So Im grateful for the opportunity.


And that concludes my 2nd Krazy Boss Weekend!