My Krazy Boss Weekend April 3rd – 6th

Gorilla Zoe Show -Thursday April 3rd

So the weekend started off in Iowa City at the Gorilla Zoe concert. Union had a pretty decent crowd, we setup our booth for photos and cds and ppl were lining up for emBoss Page. We were already having a good time and then the performance came. We decided to mix the set up a little bit, give em some old, some current and some new but to our surprise when we started with Polo, the crowd knew the words, almost better than us since we were minus Chuck. It was fun to do a throwback song from ’09 but also cool to see that we have a fan base in Iowa City that knew who we were. Right after that we cut into Introduce Me. The crowd quickly learned the words and a few of them already knew them, it got to the point where a female audience member hopped on stage to be apart of the action and we got a few laughs from some of the lines on the song like “slap her on the ass, she get mad I say Im just playin” So it was all good fun. We did a couple more songs Wake Up, Bottles Everywhere and while the crowd enjoyed them they started a chant. Normally at these shows a chant is for the main act, I’ve even heard opening acts get boo’d but not this time, this chant was for something we already had up our sleeves, this chant was for Vodka Sam. Now originally I wanted to open with this song but after seeing the demand for it. I think in Iowa City this may be the last song we do but just to build hype I told em they werent ready and introduced them into a new Iowa City song. They started to get upset until they started to like the song and hear what it was about. By the end of it they were chanting I-O-W-A and waving there hands from side to side. Then as we started to walk away we sold hold. We got one more and broke out the Vodka Sam song and they went nuts! This was definitely my favorite Iowa City performance of all time.


Skinny’s Off Papers Party Bus in Iowa City – Friday April 4th

Big Bro my right hand hype man Skinny got off parole this week and got a party bus. Another Crazy night in Iowa City that I cant even go into details about but it was a great night thats for sure. We got it in! And thats all Im gone say about that.

Photoshoot at Camp Studios in Davenport – Saturday April 5th

My first full professIMG_7300ional photoshoot and to do it right I had to do it with my boy Jay Wright of Camp Studios in Davenport. He had his own office in a build. The light system, the Nikkon with the red ring around the lense (expensive lenses only) his assistant was there and not only was it extremely productive but he kicked me some knowledge and insight on where to go with my music, and for that you cant set a price.


More pics coming soon

The Jahkusto Show - Sunday April 6thJahkusto Show

The Jahkusto Show I would say was a perfect way to end my Krazy Boss Weekend. Lights, camera, Action, they even had hair and make up there which I wasnt happy about but I gotta get over that I guess.  Neways Im not gonna spoil the details from the interview but it was good, I’ll post the footage once I get it. They had a real set. Backdrop, 4 camera men, lights a dj. It was all fun and legit but I learned alot from the guests and networking was a bonus aside from getting to introduce myself and perform.